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Washing machine and tumble dryer WiFi help

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  • How to turn on the WiFi connection?
  • How to check the WiFi signal strength?
  • How to turn on the Remote Start mode?
Applies to:
  • washing machine with connectivity feature
  • tumble dryer with connectivity feature

First time connection

Check whether the home router is working correctly by:

1. Check WiFi connection to your smartphone – must be ON

ios_wifi.PNG                          android_wifi.PNG

2. If there are other devices connected to home router, do the other devices work?

a. If other devices does not work, restart the home router

b. If other devices work, restart your washing machine or tumble dryer.


Appliance already connected

1. Check the following:

  • Is the WiFi signal indicator visible in the upper left corner of the appliance's display?
  • How strong the signal is (3/5, 4/5, 5/5)?


2. Turning on the WiFi connection


3. Checking the WiFi signal strength (optimal signal strength from 3/5)


4. Turning on the Remote Start mode


  • Always update the app to the latest version for best performance