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Connected appliances - problems with onboarding

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  • Onboarding is not possible to complete, and user configuration gives a “no user connected” error
  • The appliance is already onboarded, but the WiFi password has changed, and the appliance does not connect to the network
  • The appliance has previously been connected to a WiFi network, and does not engage with a subsequent WiFi connection
  • Onboarding is successful for the appliance, but fails on the mobile app
Applies to: 
  • Appliances with connectivity feature

1. Reset the appliance’s WiFi settings an run onboarding again.

2. Move your WiFi router closer to the appliance (applies to "no user connected" error).

3. Make sure the wireless signal is not disrupted by microwave.

Turn the microwave off. Avoid using the microwave and the remote control at the same time.


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