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Connected appliances - The application cannot connect to the appliance

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  • The application cannot connect to the appliance
  • The display shows "connection error"
Applies to: 
  • Appliances with connectivity feature

1. Only selected appliances that support the connectivity system are compatible with the application

The appliance might not be equipped with the connectivity system.If that is not the case with your appliance, you might have WiFi network connectivity issues OR the appliance might not be registered

2. Check if your mobile device is connected to the wireless network.

Check your wireless network and router. Restart the router.

3. Contact your wireless service provider if there are problems with the wireless network.

4. Move router as close to the appliance as possible

5. Configure the appliance and mobile device again

The appliance, the smart device, or both, need to be configured again because a new router has been installed or the router configuration has been changed.