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Connected appliances - The appliance cannot be registered

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  • The appliance cannot be registered
Applies to: 
  • Appliances with connectivity feature
  • Check if your WiFi network connection is updated and encrypted

Perform the following instructions:

1. Find your Wi-Fi connection in the list of available networks on a mobile device of your choice.

a. If you see a padlock icon next to the name of your Wi-Fi network, it means you are using some form of encryption. If not, proceed to step 2.

b. Check your Wi-Fi network configuration settings for the type of encryption being used.

c. Choose WPA2, if available, and proceed to step 3. If WPA2 is not available, go to step 2.

2. Check if your router supports WPA2 as a form of encryption. If it does, proceed to step 3. If it does not, you might have to upgrade your router. 

3. Go to network configuration settings to set up a WiFi network name and a password.

a. You might have to reboot your router to complete the process. 

b. Select the new WiFi network connection on each device and enter the password. 

  • WiFi network connection might be unencrypted OR the encryption itself might be outdated. An updated and encrypted network connection is a pre-requisite to be able to run the application.